Silicon Storm was recently hired to compose several animated sequences for Toyota and the launch of their new hybrid fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai.┬áThe event took place in West Hollywood California and utilized several of Silicon Storm’s services to make the event a site to be seen.

Coinciding with the anniversary of when Marty McFly went to the future with Doc on the date, October 21, 2015… Silicon was asked to create visuals that were a nod to this classic piece of film history.

First up, we created a replica “3D” Courthouse resembling the very same courthouse that existed in the Back to the Future series. We paid fine attention to various details that existed on the exterior of the courthouse, careful to keep its “future” look from 2015 in the series. We slightly edited the front facade to incorporate a “Toyota: Let’s Go Places!” branding to help tie it all together. Once the 3D model was complete, we rendered out 4k versions of the courthouse exterior to be used in our projection maps. We then applied visual effects to the courthouse to give it some time traveling “wow” factor. All in all, we were incredibly pleased with the end result to help make the Toyota Mirai launch a huge success!

Secondly, Silicon created a series of looping 3D visuals to exist within the event’s primary reception. Paired with projectors, these stunning 4k visuals really made a presence at their 60ft x 20ft size encapsulating all attendees who entered the event!

Take a look at our highlight video from the event below-

-Team Silicon Storm!

Posted on October 27, 2015 in General News, Industry News

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